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With their menu of jams, halawa, non-dairy cheese and more, Bait Jadati are here to honour teita’s cooking.

Growing up in the midst of endless homework, the horrors of puberty, trying to ‘fit in’ and the firm belief that our parents will never really quite get our emo exterior and deep souls, there was never anything quite like a trip to teita’s house, with endless mounds of food to make us feel like everything’s gonna be okay.

Paying homage to the power of grandma’s food is Bait Jadati, a local, all-natural, homemade food brand that makes everything from jams to halawa to cashew cheese. Founded by mother-and-son duo, Fatma ‘Batta’ Ibrahim and Mostafa Abdel Salam, in July 2020, the brand was inspired by the family’s long-standing love for the kitchen. Abdel Salam’s grandfather was a chef and his grandmother – whose face is depicted in the logo – was talented and passionate it came to food.

“My grandma would always make it a point to make all of my favourite foods at home,” Abdel Salam tells SceneEats. “With my mother taking after her own mother and being a great cook, we decided we wanted to radiate the power and comfort of homemade food in our grandparents’ houses, and give it a modern twist.” 

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Some of its signature items include rose petal, chili ginger and apple cinnamon jams, almond and lotus halawas, pistachio butter and thyme and sumac cashew cheese. Abdel Salam and Batta make it a point to ensure their ingredients are as healthy as possible, opting to use Pink Himalayan Salt instead of regular salt, and brown sugar instead of white sugar. Bait Jadati also plans to include more dairy alternatives into their menu, like almond milk and coconut milk. 

“The brand means more to us than simply selling our products,” Abdel Salam added. “We really want to establish a sense of community and even family with our customers, and personally call our customers after every order to follow up and make sure they enjoyed their experience and take suggestions on how to improve. My very sociable mother has even become friends with some of them.” 

Bait Jadati’s products are available for order via Instagram at @baitjadati.

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